Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Staying up late when you have to wake up at 4 in the morning is not a bright idea. Drinking caffeine close to bedtime when you should go to bed early, not very helpful. Blogging when you have the above factors in tote... hmmm.

As I have entered my MSW I have learned so much about myself. So much about the girl that I have been, confronting the person that I am now, and hopeful of the woman that I want to be. It is interesting that as you are placed under pressure you are refined, and it can be painful. I have been placed under an emotional vice, and it is so good for me. I am discovering who I truly am under this personally perceive, immense pressure and I am not sure what I feel about it. I pray that I do not resign myself to discouragement but rather let this be a catalyst to healthy reformation.

Blogs can be so therapeutic. I believe this is why so many people dedicate their time to them. This living, breathing document of ones life has so many purposes and dual intentions. Not only can hearts be expressed but with the reality of its availability comes accountability, affirmation, and a satiation for attention. Most media functions on these levels for us. It can either be a blessing or a detriment. Empowering, over-empowering, or underwhelming and discouraging. All of this to say that regurgitating my feelings can be helpful. Verbalizing my dreams can be invigorating.

So I will simplify. Turn this into a compost of my thoughts to cultivate something better. Just let my feelings breathe in the open-air setting of endless data.