Sunday, January 23, 2011

a fine mess.

Upon a whim. I begin this upon a whim. This could be perceived as a significant waste of time, but I beg to differ. Processing my emotions will be therapeutic. A healing process. As I present my thoughts, goals, trials and triumphs I hope to find just who I am again. I am not who I once was... good... life is a perpetual odyssey. I don't want to be complacent or stagnant anymore. I want to move forward with Christ, and enjoy (as well as appreciate) the journey along the way.

The past two years have been a silent cacophony of emotions. I am blessed beyond belief to have married the most incredible man that I have ever known. I have been crushed by losing him. But God's grace, his sweet renewing mercy has sustained me. He has provided me with the most wonderful support in Mitch's family and in mine (as well as incredible friends that I am infinitely thankful for). I know that Jesus will not waste a single drop of the experiences that I have had. Positive or perceptually negative - they all carry potential to glorify and bless the Kingdom of Christ.
This lovely blog may be boring by most people's entertainment standards but I hope to be able to document the positive life choices and everyday joys to show how good and faithful our Abba Father is!

Some of my goals that I am holding myself accountable to chronicle include: training for my marathon in June (eeek!), cooking through a cookbook (Julie and Julia style, baby!), pursuing art and photography, intentionality in learning new things (ex: crocheting, climbing, languages, etc.), serving our Savior, retreat recaps (I will be taking at least one mini retreat a month for emotional and spiritual health), and deepening my knowledge, love and dedication to Jesus.

So here we go... Let's see what God has in store. I hope that as you read this you are encouraged to passionately pursue Christ as well as love the person that you are NOW!

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  1. I am so glad to see a blog post and that you are still clinging to Jesus! I pray that this next year will bring you more healing, more laughter, and deeper conversations with our Savior!
    And -- you're running a marathon?! I guess that means the 10k my coworker has been prodding me to do with him and some other people has to happen...Let's do this thing!